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TechnoVenture was originally a game written for the Amiga computer, but, as of the end of the year of 1996, I have created a new and much improved IBM version of TechnoVenture! This page is dedicated to this new product. Look here for the latest information about the game and the game itself!

Below are the title screen and instructions screen for TechnoVenture which may give you an idea of what it's like. Click on an image to see the full size version.

Site Moved Again; Editor Recompiled for XP (2/14/2002)

Site's moved once again and now being hosted here at, after a nightmare between Qwest and MSN.

Apparently there was an odd problem that prevented the editor from running under Windows XP (it'd terminate when you scrolled the map). Thanks to Kevin S. for debugging and compiling a new version of the map editor that works under XP. If you've installed the map editor and are experiencing the error described above, download this new EXE and replace your existing one. Thanks, Kevin!

TechnoVenture Goes Freeware (7/21/2001)

It's been about a year I think since there were any TechnoVenture registrations, so I figure this is a good time to drop the registration fee and make it all free. Get your full free version below.

Download Full Freeware version of TechnoVenture here.

Site Moved to New Location (10/14/99)

The AOL site is completely gone. The TechnoVenture Homepage is now being hosted here at

TechnoVenture map editor FREE! (2/7/98)

Since I haven't had any response with the map editor, I decided to make it free to everyone and I hope that I can get some good maps rolling in for the TechnoVenture maps page. It requires Windows 95 to run.

(I updated the link here on 3/30/98 because the ftp link that was here wasn't working well)

Download the TechnoVenture map editor:

TechnoVenture for 32-bit OS is complete! (7/22/97)

On Tuesday, July 22, 1997, I added the last bit of code to this DirectX version of TechnoVenture. Of course there may be finishing touches and debugging to do, but overall, 32-bit TechnoVenture seems to be working quite well!

(See above to download the latest version)

The new version is completely compatible with the DOS version, but adds some new "cosmetic" features like hi resolution, the ability to resize and move the game window, much better sound effects, and now background music! For a more complete description of the new version, take a look at the documentation.


IBM TechnoVenture has arrived! (4/97)

If you've experienced the Amiga version of TechnoVenture, long awaiting its sequel or a version playable on the IBM PC, it's finally here! Even if you've never heard of TechnoVenture, it's worth getting involved in because, not only is it a great game, but it, like the best games, supports customized level creation -- that means you can design your own games! The complete game is available for download at the bottom of this page! The map editor is sold separately. See TechnoVenture documentation (available below) for more information about this.

The file below includes three of the four maps which currently exist for TechnoVenture. The fourth was not included in the ShareWare release (see above to get latest freeware release). E-Mail me and tell me what you think, or just say hi... especially if you owned the Amiga TechnoVenture!

Download DOS TechnoVenture

To play TechnoVenture, unzip it into any directory. Go to to get software for unzipping if you don't have it. Then run TVPC.EXE from File Manager, Windows Explorer or the DOS prompt!

If you'd like more information about TechnoVenture, the game (as opposed to the map editor), take a look at this documentation which I have prepared for distribution with the game.

TechnoVenture Documentation

Continue to visit this page for the latest TechnoVenture maps as they become available on the TechnoVenture Maps Page. Note, you do not need to download any maps in order to play TechnoVenture. The TechnoVenture download above comes with a set of maps and is ready to play as soon as you decompress it into any directory.

Last updated 2/14/2002

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