Judith Eisner

Teacher and Performer of Violin and Fiddle

Contact Information
Minneapolis, MN

phone: 612-321-0100
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Judith's partner Doug Cole

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That's not a picture of Judith, it's her partner, Doug Cole.

For a number of years Doug was a regular fiddler at sessions at O'Gara's Pub in St. Paul. He's the author of the St. Paul Slow Sessiun Tune Book (sometimes called the O'Gara's Irish Tune Book).

Doug volunteers as a teaching assistant, often helping Judith with some class instruction or group lessons.

Doug also repairs violins.

Dugi, as Judith and friends call him, studied for two summers in Madison, Wisconsin with Duane Wilcox as part of the American String Teachers Association development program.

He says "I started this repair stuff in self defense. We have seven violins and lots of students have repair problems."

Most repairs are referred to John Waddle (phone 651-698-4692)and Mark Wagar (phone 612-722-5489)and Scott Jensen (phone 612-378-5470).

Dugi says, "I repair inexpensive violins that aren't 'cost effective' repairs at a violin shop. My mission is to provide usable instruments for students so they can learn and get started as fiddlers and violinists."
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