Judith Eisner

Teacher and Performer of Violin and Fiddle

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Minneapolis, MN

phone: 612-321-0100
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Judith Eisner violin teacher and performer

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A good simple violin tuner

This little tuner does a more reliable job than all of the others. Believe me, I have seen them all. It is easy to use. It has indicator lights and a screen you can see in darkened rooms, it even sounds all 12 notes with a little speaker.

Olympus voice recorder

Did you ever say to yourself, "Stop fumbling around, press the stupid button. Hurry!" Most electronic devices, including i-pods have too many functions. I'm glad to say I found a digital recorder that works just like a cassette tape. It has volume control and buttons for record, playback, reverse and forward. Duh? Why are all the others so complex? This is the best, Olympus DS-2. Excelent quality like a Sony mini-disk without the mechanical sounds. And you can download the sound files to your computer via USB. Olympus DS-2 $90

Easy klezmer tunes book
This is where to start with Klezmer fiddle. Stacy Phillips book called Easy Klezmer Tunes. It comes with a CD. It's great because he plays standard tunes slowly and he teaches the rhythms for second violin and bass fiddle.
Easy Klezmer Tunes

The Doflein Method Book the Violinist's Progress

This is the lesson book for students planning to join a classical ensemble, chamber group or orchestra. It is the best!
The Doflein Method: The Violinist's Progress

The Irish Fiddle Book
This is the lesson book for Irish Fiddle students. It comes with a music CD. It's also the best!
The Irish Fiddle Book by Matt Cranitch.

The O'Gara's Slow Session Irish Tune Book
This is the Irish Tune book that Dugi wrote. It has the standard tunes played at O'Gara's Irish Sessions. An essential resource for Irish fiddlers. Available from Homestead Pickin' Parlor or directly from Judith Eisner.

If you learn by ear then you need the Amazing SlowDowner software.
It plays CD's, mp3s, wave files and others slowly at whatever speed you like. Amazing, just amazing.

Learn your notes on the staff by using this free software called MusicTheory.net
Its Note Trainer is worth your weight in gold.