Judith Eisner

Teacher and Performer of Violin and Fiddle

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Dunquin Irish Trio CD cover

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Judith played Irish fiddle for ten years with a band called Dunquin. I'm glad she did because that's how we met. I was the newsletter editor for the Irish Music and Dance Association in Minneapolis and I often attended their performances. They made a couple of CDs - 1997 and 2001. Sherry Ladig on piano, Don Ladig on whistle and Judith on fiddle. It's good listening music, beautiful, sometimes even stately with nice solid rhythm throughout. Sherry liked Judith's classical sound and wrote some wonderful music in the Irish idiom. The band is still going with another fiddler, so check them out.
And if you want to buy a CD call Sherry at 651-644-4779.
Doug Cole
Dunquin Irish Trio 2nd CD cover
This is their second CD recorded in 2001.

Doug and Judith playing Irish fiddles
You can also hire Doug and Judith.

Judith calls our Irish group the Morning Duo. We play a reel called Morning Dew and we walk around Lake Nokomis in the morning. So why not a little play on words? Most of our performances are at private parties, however we are plannning a public concert.

Judith teaches Irish fiddle at MacPhail on Thursday evenings.