Judith Eisner

Teacher and Performer of Violin and Fiddle

Contact Information
Minneapolis, MN

phone: 612-321-0100
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Judith Eisner violin teacher and performer

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Klezmer Music

The best way to explain Klezmer Music is to just listen.
Click here and see a video of Judith's band playing some tunes.
Judith can play many of the tunes on these CDs.
Click on Live Music to see about her performances. Click on Lessons for Klezmer lessons.
Steven Greenman CD cover
Steven Greenman's CD

Traditional Klezmer Music CD cover
Khevrisa: Traditional Klezmer Music CD

Alicia Svigls CD
Alicia Svigls CD

Budowitz has an excellent website, you can not only listen to recordings, but learn about the musical aspects of the modes. You can also learn about the instruments they played in the Old Days before WWI and the history of klezmer weddings.

Another website worth reading is from Brave Old World. Michael Alpert and the others in the band teach at KlezKanada every August. Judith goes to this music festival every year to study with Steven Greenman and Deborah Strauss.

Please listen to the real thing - acoustic old world klezmer, before you try jazz-klezmer, rock-klezmer, hip-hop-klezmer and all the rest. But if you are curious,
klezmershack has reviews of all things klezmer. Judith's old band, Tsatskelehs is listed there too.