Judith Eisner

Teacher and Performer of Violin and Fiddle

Contact Information
Minneapolis, MN

phone: 612-321-0100
email me
Judith Eisner, Jennifer Rubin, Becky Erickson, Diane Benjamin

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Click here and see a video of Judith's band playing some tunes.

Classic Klezmer
Judith Eisner - fidl
Becky Erickson - clarinet
Diane Benjamin - cymbolm
Jennifer Rubin - double bass

Judith Eisner - fidl
Judith Eisner - accordian
Doug Cole - second fidl
Stu Janis - cymbolm

Tsatskelehs All grrrl klezmer band

This band is no longer together, but most of you have seen them. They made a CD, played the Minnesota State Fair, First Avenue, MN History Center, MN Public Television, Lake Harriet Bandshell and countless gigs at retirement homes and street parties. Their glitzy costumes and yiddish humor will be long be remembered. So the photos and the jokes will be here soon!

Classic Klezmer ensembles

Holiday Events, Bar Mitzvahs, and weddings are the usual fare for Judith's new string ensembles. Violin, cimbalom (a hammered dulcimer from Eastern Europe), and acoustic bass make up the main ensemble. However clarinet will always be a part of the band and Becky Erickson does a nice job!

Judith mixes up the talent for various situations. For example small events may require just the cymbolm player and Judith on fidl.

Also Judith plays Klezmer fidl and accordian with Carla Vogel. They tell yiddish folk tales with music for kids at schools and libraries. See their website for details.

And for
weddings see the details for Jewish and Klezmer music.

For larger events a dance instructor is available.

The standard fare of $120 per person per hour applies. So a four piece band is $480 an hour. Payment is expected at the event. Contact Judith for details.
Please listen and learn more about klezmer music click here.