Judith Eisner

Teacher and Performer of Violin and Fiddle

Contact Information
Minneapolis, MN

phone: 612-321-0100
email me
Judith Eisner playing for a wedding

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Classical Music
The piano trio with voice and clarinet called womenperformhers does public performances about three times a year. See the womenperformhers link for details. Sometimes they play for hire at private parties and events. Judith and Molly, the cello player, often play classical standards at weddings and retirement homes. For couples, wedding consultation meetings are required - $50. Contact Judith for details.

Judith plays classical and baroque violin for church weddings and events like Christmas and Easter. For weddings at St. Mark's Episcopal Church contact Michael Compton at 651-645-3058. Other churches can contact Judith at her home. For couples, wedding consultation meetings are required - $50. Standard rate is $120 per person per hour - to be paid at the performance.

Jewish Music or Klezmer

Events, Bar Mitzvahs, and weddings are the usual fare for Judith's Klezmer ensemble. Violin, clarinet, cymblom, a hammered dulcimer from Eastern Europe, and acoustic bass make up the main ensemble. Judith has other Klezmer groups. One includes accordion, she also plays accordion but hires a very good accordion player for big weddings and events. Small events may hire just the cymbolm player and Judith on fidl. A dance instructor is also available.
Payment is expected at the event.
For couples, wedding consultation meetings are required - $50. The standard fare of $120 per person per hour applies. So a four piece band is $480 an hour. Contact Judith for details.
To listen and learn more about klezmer music click here.