Another piece for the home machine shop. This in an old M-head bridgport.

I suspect that a lot of the people looking at this will have arrived here from the 'Bridgeport in the Basement' page. All I can say about that is 'wow!' I feel blessed to have a truck, trailer and small skid loader at my disposal.

My Bridgeport was sold to a friend a while ago. There were no pictures of loading up on the trailer again. There was even less drama when it was leaving becuase I had forks by the time I sold it and I just forked it under the ram and loaded it on the trailer. The guy who bought it unloaded it with a big gantry. The little Bridgeport was replaced with a Gorton Mastermil. Here's some pictures of moving the Gorton. I believe the Bridgeport was around 1800 lbs and the Gorton weighed in at about 2800 lbs.

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